Vintage western style shirt anyone?

Good afternoon everyone. 🌎 This shirt is up for sale for on poshmark if any of you are interested. Maybe someone you love needs this in their closet after this Christmas? Idk, either way it’s a men’s size XL. The rest of the details are there if you click the link above. There will be much more content coming your way from BOTH, thesinrisesip and xtrafluffshop. Just stay tuned. Have a beautiful Monday. 🀍

I’ve made a little bit of an observation lately…

and this is nothing personal (I think at least, it could definitely have a lot to do with where the heart of a person is, which I suppose for them, would be personal- but nonetheless). Just something that I’ve noticed, especially, or maybe most notably, in the people of my generation. These people are friggin obsessed with celebrities and/or social media. Not only celebrities and social media, but fictional characters in movies, T.V. shows, Youtubers, athletes, politicians, etc. We all know this right? It pours over genuine conversation and takes over. Young people, in particular, but also people of all ages can hardly talk about their own lives, interests, family, and passions… because the glamour, drama and dopamine release social media/Hollywood supplies to their brain, fills them to the brim. They don’t need true human connection, or anyone else for that matter, right? Look after yourself right? I’ve heard so many people say things like this line lately “Look out for yourself, because no one else is.” Social media is taking over (or attempting to) community, family, and true friendship for some people. Everything they need is in their hand (apparently). Instant Gratification, access to pretty much anyone’s personal lives (or what you think is personal), and answers to any question in one click. You can decide your opinion of someone by viewing their Facebook/Instagram page, and never had spoken a word to them. Who needs anyone else right? I’ve got my own back.

Well friends, I jumped off that train a long time ago and don’t plan on getting back on, you know, ever. You know who has my back? Yes, me, but I can’t always rely on my own self. The Lord, Our God does, and I will walk hand in hand with Him until my very last breath.

To me, if you are spending hours upon hours a day scrolling… I’m sorry friend, but you are completely wasting your precious life away. I have definitely been there before, but quickly realized the negative effect it was having on my happiness. It’s addicting, entertaining, and sometimes you can actually learn something. Sometimes though, the negative effects of mindless scrolling aren’t immediate. Some people don’t even notice how distant they have become as friends, partners, or even parents. People don’t realize that some studies show, those who actively use social media most often are three times as likely to have feelings of depression and anxiety compared to people who don’t.

What I am saying here is, guys, we need to un-freaking-plug. Staring at screens all day, everyday, is living like a zombie to me. Actually one night, I had a dream that my boyfriend had fallen asleep playing video games in his recliner, which is beside our bed. In my dream, I woke up and felt an intense urgency to make sure my boyfriend was okay. I looked over to him in his chair and he was completely limp, eyes wide open, with his controller in his lap. The screens in our room were static with no noise. All I could hear was myself, calling his name. He wasn’t budging. I knew in my dream that he was completely empty, like I had to yell to bring him back to his body… to consciousness. Almost like the dream was telling me that the screens would take our souls… Then I heard 3 loud knocks. I mean LOUD. I sat straight up in the bed, and the dream was over. The knocks felt like someone yelling at me “wake up!“. After, I had this thankful feeling rush over me that it was just a dream. The effect of this dream on us though, was a big one. We talked about it and decided to start spending the end of our nights reading together, or listening to a podcast and playing scrabble. We still play video games some nights, but not nearly as many as we used to.

There is a balance to things like this. Just like there is a balance to using social media, and choosing to not use it.

The moral of the story is to be present.

Learn to sit comfortably in the silence. Learn to not have to be entertained, or liked by everyone. Play a board game, read a book. Practice mindfulness. Call your best friend, hear their voice. Pay attention to the ones who are physically around you everyday. The likes on IG don’t matter half as much as how you make the people you come into contact with everyday feel. Remember, our time here can be over in a flash. You are already enough. You don’t have to try any harder.

What if you found out you were dying in a week? How would you spend that week?

Because that is how we should be living every day, of every week of our lives. Not that I do this successfully all the time, but I’m trying. That’s all I want for all of you. I want for everyone reading this to be able to be unapologetically real, wide open, and full of life.

Phew! What a week!

Next week I will be right back to posting some soul inspo for everyone. I felt I needed to regroup after an awesome birthday weekend with friends, and then a long week at work. For now, I will keep sippin my coffee, watching my youtubers, and getting ready for the shift ahead. Here’s one of my new mugs a co-worker got me, pretty cute aye?

Be back Monday everyone. πŸ–€βœŒπŸ»

Good Friday Morning!

Just want to drop in to leave this prayer here for you all.

I was given this book a few years ago (Prayers for an Anxious Heart) by a co-worker during a very stressful time in my life, and it is still one of my most useful gifts to this day. It helped me tremendously, and I’ve recently picked it back up. These prayers are beautifully written, and always leave me with a full heart that is ready to face the day.

Put on your armor today! Spiritual warfare is VERY real, so make sure you’re preparing yourself before you go out into the world.

Soon I will be posting a recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies (thought I’d throw that in here lol).

Happy Friday!

Cranberry-Lemon Water? Why?

Recently I have been waking up, and trying to drink at least some water before getting going. Drinking at least 8 ounces of water first thing (before coffee) in the morning helps me feel hydrated, and aids in the wake up process. Some mornings though, my stomach will either be a little sore if our food was spicy the night before, or I will have a little heartburn. Drinking water also helps all of that flush out of my system a bit quicker. I have discovered that when adding cranberry and lemon to my water, it helps calm whatever is going on inside my stomach. I wanted to learn a little bit more about why, so I started to do a little research. Most websites state the same thing, but I found these articles on WebMD that gave the benefits of cranberries and lemon juice. Now, I know the health benefits on the cranberry page are for raw/dried cranberries. But when you find your 100% cranberry juice, with zero artificial additives you can read what the nutrition label has to offer. Below are a few points on why medical professionals are saying it’s good to drink lemon-cranberry water if not every day, at least every now and then.

Mixing Ratios:

Water- 1 1/2 cups

Cranberry Juice-1/2 cup

Lemon Juice- 1/4 cup

(Remember these are just a few benefits listed below! Check out the websites!)

Lemon Water Benefits

  • Has antioxidants called bioflavonoids
  • Used for fighting common cold, (H1N1) swine flu, etc..
  • Used for an upset stomach from vomiting during pregnancy, or upset stomach in general
  • Helps with kidney stones
  • Aids in digestion

Cranberry Benefits

  • Cranberries are a superfood
  • Anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves eyesight
  • Improves the function of blood vessels

Reference the websites below for more info, these are where my notes came from today.

Here are the articles, and I hope you give this a try! The taste is not sweet, AT ALL. BUT, is very refreshing (and can attempt to do all of the wonderful things above).

So get it going, you fearfully and wonderfully made human.

Enjoy this Wednesday, and take it easy. β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ

3 Things for a smooth morning…

Good morning beautiful people. β˜€οΈ Just thought I would pop in this morning with 3 quick tips for a smoother morning at home. I’m no expert… but coming from someone who has always struggled with getting myself out of the bed, and even out of the house? They help kick start my day off right. How your morning rolls out, is imperative to how your day goes.

1. Do not let your phone be the first thing you grab in the morning, please. Roll over, give honey a kiss ( or kitty, puppy, etc..). Get up. Walk to the kitchen. Make a cup of coffee, and go breathe in the fresh air outside. Your lungs will thank you.

2. Wake up earlier than you need to. I started doing this a few months back, and found that once I woke up earlier, I felt a lot calmer than normal when leaving for work or wherever I’m going. I feel in less of a rush. I feel much happier, and have a clear mind. Especially because I was able to get some coffee, devotional time, and THEN a few videos from our favorite YouTube channels, and some laundry folded (all before getting ready). It’s hard to keep up, but once you stop this habit,you’ll notice when you are rushing around with spilled coffee in your shirt!

3. Last, (but should be first) is get into the word. That’s right! Jump into your bible, to connect with Jesus first thing. Before any of the worlds noise seeps in, it’s not only a smart thing to do but a crucial thing to do. Arm yourself today with the word of God. If you need a recommendation, or want to have a specific prayer to pray in the morning, look up Ephesians 6:10-18. He wants to guide your every step, and that starts with your first step of the day.

Well, I hope you have a magnificent Tuesday. Let me know if you have anything that you do in the mornings that help your day, they just might help me too!

Much love you fearfully and wonderfully made humans. 🀍