Early Saturday Morning Story…

I’ve recently witnessed something that solidified one of my core beliefs as the adult I’ve grown to be. A few weeks ago, I knew one of my co-workers was going through a rough season in her life. That she has experienced substantial heartache, and I have been lucky enough for her to share some ofContinue reading “Early Saturday Morning Story…”

Wow! I’m actually back again…

or something like it at least. The sunrise is actually here again today to suggest something before you start your (hopefully AWESOME) Friday. Whatever has you occupied today, remind yourself to stay in the moment. Please, don’t miss out on the things god has in store for you. I know that life is full ofContinue reading “Wow! I’m actually back again…”

Well hello. Long time, no type.

Why yes, I have been SUCKED away from social media (unfortunately that includes the sunrise). Why do you ask? The good Lord above letting me know I needed to, yet again. This time I decided to listen. When I start to feel the weight of others opinions, it is refreshing to reconnect with reality andContinue reading “Well hello. Long time, no type.”

I’ve been absent, I know…

Life has really just been, SLAM PACKED lately. I will be back to pumping out my own content ASAP… so stay tuned for that. In the mean time here is an awesome vintage blazer find on xtrafluff’s poshmark. Check it out, or wait a little while for some words from yours truly. Have a beautifulContinue reading “I’ve been absent, I know…”

3 Things I Would Tell My Teenage Self — New Lune

I truly believe people change constantly, some for the better and some for the worst. I’m definitely not the person I was a year ago, let alone the person I was a decade ago and I find that very interesting because in that moment, you don’t really see yourself changing. You go through experiences that […]Continue reading “3 Things I Would Tell My Teenage Self — New Lune”