Kanye West – Jesus is King (2019)

Kanye West is the most innovative musical artist in modern history. He brought soul, choirs, nerdy samples, and humor to mainstream hip-hop with his …

Kanye West – Jesus is King (2019)

Hello everyone. 👋🏻

I read this awesome article about Kanye a while back, and have been meaning to crawl out of my hibernation cave to share it. I was/am a HUGE fan of Kanye’s album “Jesus is King”, and a fan of Kanye as well. The song “God is” hits me right in the chest every-time I hear it. I love singing it, it sends me straight into worship everytime. 🤍 Highly recommend.

By the way, I am about to come full force after what I want TheSunriseSip to be. I’ve been on an unexpected difficult journey the past year, and I just now feel the ability to comfortably share what I set out to in the first place. Which I honestly didn’t even feel I was worthy to share. Like, who would want to hear what I have to say?

I’ve been making major changes in my life, and finally taking myself seriously again. We are moving into a bigger place so we have an office, spending more of our time with family, moving forward from friends who aren’t for us or see us, and I am finally treating my body like a temple for the first time in my life. People say “I’m getting back on the horse!”… but I feel this is a horse I’ve never been on. I won’t go into to much detail yet, but I will say I finally feel though my opinions/thoughts may not matter in the grand scheme (and people may not give a crap), I don’t have to be afraid to share them. I finally feel I deserve a seat at the table. No matter who has pulled up a seat. I give every bit of that credit to Jesus Christ being my Lord and savior, but also my shepherd, and friend.

Be back tomorrow for a little sip of what I am thinkin. 😇

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