We went to Charleston for the day last Sunday.

The sun was brightly shining, not a stitch of make-up on. I didn’t even bring a brush for my hair. Clothes in a book bag. All we wanted was some salty sea air swirling around and some gooood food to eat.

We decided to go and find just that. 🌈🚲🍗🥥🌤🌸

Saturday evening after my niece’s super cool Star Wars birthday party 🥳, we threw our necessities together and hopped in the car for a little weekend trip. We rented a 76 dollar motel, and didn’t even arrive until 2 a.m., but we still had a blast. We stopped at QT on the way to get a slushee to sip on while listening to a podcast. I wish I would’ve taken more pictures of this night, because driving over the Cooper River Bridge in Charleston while being one of the only cars on the road… there was just this magical feeling that started to come about. 🌃 We could both feel it.

The next morning we got up on 4 hours of sleep, put on our beach garb, and went to have a delicious breakfast at the restaurant Another Broken Egg (which I highly recommended) in downtown Charleston. I ordered this delicious Bloody Mary, and my love ordered a fresh mimosa. We switched drinks occasionally and just enjoyed each others company. We ended up eating this glorious, wonderful, magnificent, and delicious lobster cream cheese filled omelette. Josh was a huge fan. 🤤 We later found a place where we were able to rent bikes instead of laying on the beach the rest of the day, so then we rode until the sun went down. Went on every street Sullivan’s island had to offer, multiple times. One of the things I love most about this trip is that we just wore our beachwear all day long. I was able to be as free as I wanted to be. 🕊So thankful I have someone in my life who enjoys the simple things with me.

We also stopped at Dunleavy’s Pub and got a basket of wings. The wings here were absolutely delicious. We had a grand ol’ time sitting there, looking at the cool decor they had going on, and people watching. The music that they had playing was also really good, I’m pretty sure there was a Dave Matthew’s song or two in there. ☀️ It was an absolute perfect lunch.

We continued riding, but after riding to the beach and walking… we were exhausted. We had the bikes for about 5 hours. So then we decided to go to dinner at a restaurant called “Coast”. This place had some cool views, a great waiter, and we sat right next to the front. Right by the garage doors that open and you can see everyone strolling by while eating some tasty seafood. We were getting super sleepy, but still wanted some shrimp and grits. There was a musician playing, who really knew what he was doing. He had a bluesy feel, and was tapping his feet and his guitar at the same time. We didn’t know any of the songs he played, but we thought his music was the perfect little ending to our trip. The food was superb. I promise I will do better with pictures next time. We just were snapping them when we felt like it.

After this trip ending meal, we decided to go ahead and get back home to our kitties. Our humble abode was waiting on us. We had to get back to our daily life that week, but it was so good for us to see some new things together. We vowed to do this more often. I can’t wait too. ✌️

Hope you enjoy your weekend, and get out in the sunshine if there is anywhere you are.

-Thesunrisesip ☕️

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