3 Things for a smooth morning…

Good morning beautiful people. ☀️ Just thought I would pop in this morning with 3 quick tips for a smoother morning at home. I’m no expert… but coming from someone who has always struggled with getting myself out of the bed, and even out of the house? They help kick start my day off right. How your morning rolls out, is imperative to how your day goes.

1. Do not let your phone be the first thing you grab in the morning, please. Roll over, give honey a kiss ( or kitty, puppy, etc..). Get up. Walk to the kitchen. Make a cup of coffee, and go breathe in the fresh air outside. Your lungs will thank you.

2. Wake up earlier than you need to. I started doing this a few months back, and found that once I woke up earlier, I felt a lot calmer than normal when leaving for work or wherever I’m going. I feel in less of a rush. I feel much happier, and have a clear mind. Especially because I was able to get some coffee, devotional time, and THEN a few videos from our favorite YouTube channels, and some laundry folded (all before getting ready). It’s hard to keep up, but once you stop this habit,you’ll notice when you are rushing around with spilled coffee in your shirt!

3. Last, (but should be first) is get into the word. That’s right! Jump into your bible, to connect with Jesus first thing. Before any of the worlds noise seeps in, it’s not only a smart thing to do but a crucial thing to do. Arm yourself today with the word of God. If you need a recommendation, or want to have a specific prayer to pray in the morning, look up Ephesians 6:10-18. He wants to guide your every step, and that starts with your first step of the day.

Well, I hope you have a magnificent Tuesday. Let me know if you have anything that you do in the mornings that help your day, they just might help me too!

Much love you fearfully and wonderfully made humans. 🤍

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