Early Saturday Morning Story…

I’ve recently witnessed something that solidified one of my core beliefs as the adult I’ve grown to be. A few weeks ago, I knew one of my co-workers was going through a rough season in her life. That she has experienced substantial heartache, and I have been lucky enough for her to share some of her life stories with me. So many of them funny, and sweet stories about her family. Well, one day we were working one on one together, and she was sharing with me that just a couple days prior she was having a very tough time.

One afternoon, she was plagued with helplessness. She is the cornerstone of her family, so she had to pull herself up by the bootstraps, wipe the tears, and keep it moving. Which I saw an incredible amount of strength, and feminine power in. Well right before I had found this out, she had given me an early birthday present. It was 2 very cute coffee mugs, which just so happens to be one of my favorite things to get as a gift. I was so thankful, warm n fuzzy, and surprised by the kind gesture. I felt a sense of lightness come over her while we talked about some of her goals that she wants to accomplish in the near future. I felt a lightness come over her as well after some back and forth idea bouncing, and it honestly motivated me.

So the moral of the story is when she was down in the dumps, struggling, and felt overwhelmed… she let herself have that moment. One, because we all need to sit in the reality of where we are sometimes, so we can let out our emotions and truly give them to God. Then, she muscled forward. While she muscled forward, she filled her soul by filling up others. I was reminded of one of my core beliefs, by just watching a coworker. That belief is that when you’re, reallllllyyyyy going through it. When you’re feeling lost, helplessness, etc… one of the quickest remedies is to reach out, and love on someone that you come across during our day to day. Find something in your community to donate your time to. Have conversations, and not the empty kind. Take a break from social media. Give a friend a phone call, and really hear them. Listen to each other without preconceived judgements. I have witnessed (and experienced) even once you start thinking about giving/spreading joy, you will have ideas come/flood your mind.

Giving also doesn’t always mean gifts, or money. If you have hands that can help, eyes that can see, ears that can hear, or legs that can walk? You can give. I just know from when I’ve personally done this, it’s one of the best medicines for depression I’ve ever seen in my life. So try and take the Sunrise’s advice this fine saturday, and spread a little love around. Will ya?

There is strength in numbers.

God bless and happy saturday, you beautiful creatures.

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