Well hello. Long time, no type.

Why yes, I have been SUCKED away from social media (unfortunately that includes the sunrise). Why do you ask? The good Lord above letting me know I needed to, yet again. This time I decided to listen.

When I start to feel the weight of others opinions, it is refreshing to reconnect with reality and plant my feet firm on the ground with God’s word. Today, the scripture above is what I am deciding to meditate on.

I will not meditate on where I am failing.

I will not meditate on the past.

I will not meditate on how I feel I am not enough for this world some days.

If you ever feel this way, you’re never alone. Rest in the arms of your redeemer, and heavenly father. I start with worship music, it always leads me to resting in him. It’s necessary guys, to get your face out of your screens and into real life. Including me. I want to be fearlessly, who God created me to me. I can’t do that worrying about who, what, when, and where I am not good enough for. Remember who he says you are. Shake the dark off (real hard).

If you start to swirl (what I like to call overthinking), naming what is happening with your 5 senses really brings you back down to reality.

Have a beautiful wednesday you beautiful creatures. Glad to be on this journey with you all.

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