Finally getting it going, step by slow step.

This morning I finally uploaded some pictures to the botanic art page, that is here on the sunrise sip. It took me a while, due to just the pressure of perfection from my own self. But, last night I turned on music and danced in my home while making a delicious homemade meal of chicken fried rice. I am a huge music fan, it’s healing for me. Especially worship music. I used to say that I felt music understood me in a way.

Honestly, lately I hadn’t even been listening to much music (only podcasts) due to trying to stay on task while I work. I can be easily distracted working form home, So I have to be very diligent while painting or whatever I may be doing.

Last night, I realized how much I was missing, while trying to accomplish so many things in such a short amount of time. What I was doing career wise was yet again, starting to take precedence over my thoughts. Started to take precedence over my relationship with Christ. I was letting my mind start to swirl, instead of letting my hair down and just flowing through the day. I needed to have prayed about it, and then taken it as it came . Last night my idea of relaxing was putting on some jazzy tunes and dancing like a wild woman, which at the end of a day of hard work is a crisp breath of fresh air. Instead of enjoying my night with my best friend music may, I almost started the podcast to avoid letting loose, and started thinking, ” I love to write… but I’m not a writer, so why am I starting blog?” “I love to sing… but I’m not a musician, so why do I act like I am?” Or even the good ol “that friend hasn’t talked to me in a while, I wonder what I did wrong.”… But, instead I halted those thoughts in their tracks. I prayed for my eyes to be opened to why I was having those thoughts, so I can stop the pattern my mind goes through to get me there. I prayed against them, and told myself I am a Child of God. Then I suddenly (how ironic, thank you Lord) remembered, you don’t HAVE to be a “writer” by societies standards to write. You DO NOT have to be a “musician” to enjoy music, and sing your heart out the way your soul sees fit. What you do and how you do it isn’t going to look the same as everyone else, and yes even the ones closest to you. Just be you, and lean on our all-knowing God to lead your way. Self deprecating, is not of the Lord my friends. I want you to remember that.

Today I am so thankful I did that. I had some fun. I guess, thats the purpose of me writing this today. My suggestion is to start every situation already knowing that God has a purpose for it. Pray for guidance and remember, you belong in every room you walk into. At least for the time being, even if it’s just to simply walk in. Do something today that makes you smile, or better yet make someone else smile. Spread some love around. If you can’t do that, then try to do something that will help you in whatever way you personally need it today. Its important to nurish what our souls with the Lords word everyday, in order for us to get the guidance and understanding of the world around us.

Well I guess happy Friday, lovely.

Until the next sunrise…

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