Hard day yesterday?

Well, me too.

But, I want you to remember that every day we have the opportunity, to make today little better than yesterday. Even if you are unable to see the light, maybe just sitting and recognizing whatever you’ve got going on may help the feeling/situation pass. Because, after all it will pass. It may not feel like it while your in it, but all emotions are fleeting. For my people who also struggle mentally (in whatever capacity), I know it is not as easy as just flipping a switch and boom mindset change. It takes time, effort, and a lot of ups and downs. But, I truly believe in you and your healing journey. Life is painstakingly what you make it.

I chose to write just a little this morning, due to driving for door dash here in the next hour or so. I am going to sit here, and watch YouTube videos of my big fat gypsy wedding. Shame me, if you must. Have a glorious Wednesday, beautiful creatures.

Naomi posing without her face in the camera, and laundry behind her to fold. Showing her morning mug.

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